Ocat Digital Marketing System

Ocat Digital Marketing System is used to provide a cost-effective Online Marketing Service. Ocat Digital Marketing System enables the creation and promotion of an Online Marketing Channel for a business which will be distributed through web portals,  Search engines & Social Media & Referral Networks.

Online Advertisements will be distributed through various Marketing portals, Search engine optimized pages & Social media Accounts.



Online Catalog

An Online Catalog is a destination where website visitors can find branded, curated, social media, user-generated, or any type of content related to a specific Business. 

Cost effective Online Catalog will be created by Ocat Digital Marketing System.  Online Advertisments will be distributed through various  Online marketing portals, Search Engines & Social Media.


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Features of  Ocat Digital Marketing System

Ocat Digital Marketing System is a Cloud-based solution which will be delivered through Ocat solution providers.  Ocat DMS allows multiple users and  Apps to perform Online Marketing of a Business.


1.  Online Advertisements & Online Catalog

Ocat DMS will allow users to create an Online Catalog for a Business. Unlimited Online advertisements/content can be added in an online catalog. The online catalog will be distributed through  Business Portals, Search Engines & Social Media.



2. Online Catalog

Ocat Digital Marketing system offers an Online catalog Management Tool.   Any number of catalog pages can be created in an Online catalog. Each catalog page contains a Banner advertisement and a Webpage to publish further details.


An Online Catalog is a virtual showroom that showcases a detailed company profile, complete product description, product photographs and much more!. It is a cost-effective means for the companies to speak out to both the existing customers and the potential customers about the price and features of their product or services.

The online catalog will be distributed through Web Portals, Search engines, Social media 


3. Online Flyer

Digital Flyers are an effective social media tool to use when you desire to convey pertinent information to your customers. With the use of social media sharing, you are able to generate the traffic you need for your brand’s social media client base.

Ocat DMS allows launching Digital / Online flyer in Content Hub. Online flyers will be distributed through social media and Search engines.


4. Marketing Pages

Ocat Digital Marketing System offers Internal & External Content Marketing Pages.  Content Marketing Pages can be used to organise  Online Advertisements with Search Engine Optimization.


If content marketing has to be effective, it should be enriched with more useful information besides including necessary keywords. Internal content pages are mainly used for this purpose. Search engine optimization will be performed for all content marketing pages.


It has been made possible to introduce a business in other websites by posting links and business-related information. This would augment the number of links and the enrichment of keywords. For each of these keywords, various web pages are created in different web portals and those pages can be easily manipulated.

More traffic, more pages, a listing of more keywords in search engines, the scope for more online advertisements and raising the credibility of your business are the added advantages of Content Marketing pages.


4. Banner Advertisements

Ocat DMS will allow us to host Online Banners to promote Online Catalog & Online flyer. Online Banner will be distributed as advertisements in Social media posts which will leads to Online flyers or Online Catalog.


5. Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of web page content.

It helps to post different forms of content like texts, graphics, photos, audios, videos and maps. As part of the Ocat enabled marketing Channel, a content management system is provided, which is designed for use in mobiles as well as computers.

Ocat DMS offers a simple Content management system to manage Content in Online catalog pages, Content Marketing Pages & Online advertisements.


6. Referral Network

A 'Referral Network' is a group of businesses working together on an Online Marketing Channel. Each business can form its own business circle.


Joining a business circle helps enterprises advertise each other. That way, you can increase web traffic, authenticity, and business leads. The same businesses that are likely to compete with each other will not be included in a Referral Network.

Referral Network will help us to achieve link building, Building relationships, Sending referral traffic & Brand building.


 7. Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your marketing channel through organic search engine results.


Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an incredibly effective way to market your local business online. Search Engine Optimization techniques will be applied on Catalog Pages, Internal & External Content Pages under your marketing Channel.


It is a matter of fact that today, the presence of a business in search engine results is inevitable. The process by which a business is made available in search engine results by using different keywords is called Search engine optimisation.


The Online marketing Channel facilitates advanced Search engine optimisation tools. Besides, our customer support team would monitor the Search engine optimisation activities and do the needful.


 8. Social Media Marketing

A social media strategy should be an integral part of every Online Marketing Channel. Marketing Channel's Content can be distributed as Social Media posts. It will help us to achieve reliable link popularity too.

Promoting Catalogs and blog posts is an effective strategy because the content will be consumed on your site but can gain additional visibility through sharing, commenting and Liking on Facebook.


9. Live Report

You will be able to view the live report from your Android app / Web-based portal. The following details will be available in the live report.

a.Online Flyer Views

b.Catalog Pages visitors Count

c.Internal & External Page details & Views

d.Referral Networks details & Views

e.Online Advertisements Views


Ocat Online Catalog for Business Promotion

Managing your online catalog efficiently and keeping it updated on a day to day basis with accurate data and information is important for your business.


Ocat Platform helps to create Web Ads in an Online Catalog which will be distributed through Search engines, Referral Network & Ocat Catalog Marketing Platform.


Ocat  - Best Catalog Management Software for your business

Creating your Content Hub using Ocat Platform

Ocat Platform helps to create link based social media Post. Creating Online Catalog using Ocat.

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